More LEGO BrickHeadz Licensed Themes Coming in 2020

LEGO BrickHeadz Licensed Themes

After revealing its initial offering of LEGO BrickHeadz sets for 2020, it seems that more is expected for this year featuring some of the most iconic characters that we grew up and love. Our friend Lukas from Stone Wars has shared some bit of LEGO insider info that points to the highly probable release of more LEGO BrickHeadz licensed themes for 2020.

Though these sources may be treated as rumors until they are confirmed by LEGO, a similar report and thumbnail images shared by Promobricks corroborates the release of these sets. And from the looks of it, we will be getting two additional BrickHeadz inspired by Disney classic characters that we are very much familiar with.

UPDATE: The Brickfinder was able to get his hands on several official images of these new BrickHeadz so I opted to update the images on this post as well.

LEGO BrickHeadz Donald Duck (40377)

90 pieces | $9.99

LEGO BrickHeadz Licensed Themes


LEGO BrickHeadz Goofy and Pluto (40378) 

214 pieces | $14.99

LEGO BrickHeadz Licensed Themes

Though we really can’t see the finer details of these sets based on these thumbnails, these pictures are enough to give us a general impression of what to expect from these new Disney-inspired sets.  As a fan of classic Disney animation, I’m certain that these blocky versions of Donald, Goofy and Pluto will look great standing beside a pair of LEGO BrickHeadz Mickey (41624) and Minnie Mouse (41625) sets.  Aside from this trio, we might also get additional LEGO BrickHeadz licensed themes as we go through the year. Here is a listing of both confirmed or released 2020 BrickHeadz sets, together with those that we can expect later on.

  • LEGO BrickHeadz Valentine’s Bear (40379) – 150 pieces | $9.99 USD
  • LEGO BrickHeadz Wedding Bride (40383) – 306 pieces | $12.99 USD
  • LEGO BrickHeadz Wedding Groom (40384) – 255 pieces | $12.99 USD
  • LEGO BrickHeadz Lucky Cat (40436) – 134 pieces | $9.99 USD
  • LEGO BrickHeadz Sheep (40380) – ??? | $9.99 USD
  • LEGO BrickHeadz Donald Duck (40377) – 90 pieces | $9.99 USD
  • LEGO BrickHeadz Goofy and Pluto (40378) – 214 pieces | $14.99 USD
  • LEGO BrickHeadz Rubeus Hagrid And Buckbeak the Hippogriff (40412) – ??? | ???
  • LEGO BrickHeadz Falcon and Black Widow (40418) – ??? | ???
  • LEGO BrickHeadz Hogwarts Students (40419) – ??? | ???
  • LEGO BrickHeadz Minions (40420) – ??? | ???
  • LEGO BrickHeadz Minions (40421) – ??? | ???
  • LEGO BrickHeadz Frankenstein (40422) – ??? | ???
  • LEGO BrickHeadz Nutcracker (40425) – ??? | ???

It’s quite obvious that we’re still missing a LEGO BrickHeadz Star Wars candidate from this list, so I’m still crossing my fingers if stories of a LEGO BrickHeadz Jabba the Hut and Salacious Crumb will still happen this year. And if the above listing ends up to be true, then it only reaffirms the fact that this collectible theme still has it going with LEGO fans.

Are you excited about these rumored, upcoming sets? Do you think they will most likely happen? Comment down below. Special thanks to Ben for the heads up.


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