LEGO Ideas Indiana Jones Trilogy Achieves 10K Support

LEGO Ideas Indiana Jones Trilogy

Fans of the Indiana Jones films will probably love to see this become an official LEGO set. Following the success of the LEGO product idea Retro Bowling Alley, now comes another 10K achiever in the form of the  LEGO Ideas Indiana Jones Trilogy by BenBuildsLego.

This LEGO product idea takes inspiration on the 40th anniversary of the Indiana Jones franchise, with all three films aptly represented through its different microscaled builds. It follows a design similar to what you can find in recent LEGO Architecture Skyline sets.

LEGO Ideas Indiana Jones Trilogy

I’m not really sure if this LEGO product idea still falls within the allowable guidelines that the LEGO Ideas Review Team might consider since LEGO already released numerous Indiana Jones tie-in sets back in 2008 and 2009. We just have to wait and see once this year’s First LEGO Ideas Review Stage concludes. The LEGO Ideas Indiana Jones Trilogy is joined by other qualifying sets including Mary Poppins, Cherry Tree LaneTesla CybertruckUntitled Goose GameUCS Chitty Chitty Bang BangThe Train Station: StudgateSpaceX Falcon 9Mini-fig Scale Project Gemini, and Retro Bowling Alley.

Here’s what BenBuildsLego has to say about his qualifying entry.

LEGO Ideas Indiana Jones Trilogy

LEGO Ideas Indiana Jones Trilogy

“It’s not the years, honey. It’s the mileage.” – Dr. Henry Jones, Jr.
This microscale build is constructed in the style of the LEGO Architecture Skyline series and features the iconic locations where famous archeologist, Indiana Jones, recovered priceless historical artifacts:
  • The Temple of Doom (Sankara Stones) [1935, The Temple of Doom]
  • The Well of Souls (The Ark of the Covenant) [1936, Raiders of the Lost Ark]
  • Temple of the Sun (The Holy Grail) [1938, The Last Crusade]
Unlike the historical artifacts (which belong in a museum!), this set belongs on your desk!   This compact 650-piece set (9.4″ L x 3.2″ W x 3.7″ H) makes for the perfect display piece for every fan of Indiana Jones.  The set is also paired with a stand that includes three desirable minifigures from popular films:
  • Indiana Jones
  • Marion Ravenwood
  • Dr. Henry Walton Jones, Sr.
The backside of the set also includes additional references to the films with a microscale mine car chase and the interior of the Grail Temple.  Lego fans young and old will delight in creating these iconic locations and discovering their hidden secrets.

lego ideas indiana jones trilogy 3

If you love Indiana Jones and LEGO, I would be forever thankful for your support!

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