LEGO Ideas UCS Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Gets 10K Fan Support

LEGO Ideas UCS Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

The next qualifying LEGO product idea to make it to this year’s first Review Stage after gathering 10K fan support is the LEGO Ideas UCS  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang by Norders.

Based on the 1968 musical adventure fantasy film of the same title, the UCS Chitty Chitty Bang Bang recreates the iconic car with all its hidden (but useful) features and multi-purpose functionalities. Fans of this classic film will easily recognize the folding wings and the picnic basket at the back. The set is expected to have more or less 2,000 LEGO pieces with two minifigures: Caractacus Potts and Truly Scrumptious.

Here’s what Norders have to say about this fan-submitted LEGO set.

UCS Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

The model has undergone some significant improvements, one of which is a hinged bonnet that folds up to reveal a huge old 4-cylinder engine! The parts count has also been reduced by a few hundred pieces, and the metal-work has had a bit of a polish.

LEGO Ideas UCS Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Chitty is a UCS-style model comprising just over 2,000 pieces. And just as before, she comes complete with folding wings and picnic basket and offers a wide variety of building techniques and loads of playability.

Features include:

  • More detail than before!
  • Fold-out wings concealed inside the car’s body
  • Hinged bonnet
  • Big old engine under the bonnet
  • Detachable front and rear sails
  • Working steering
  • Removable picnic basket, complete with rug and picnic items
  • Comfortable leather seats!
  • Minifig models of Caractacus Potts and Truly Scrumptious on an informational fact plaque

The LEGO Ideas UCS  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang qualifies for the First 2020 Review Stage and is joined by other product ideas such as Mary Poppins Cherry Lane, Tesla Cybertruck, and Untitled Goose Game.

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