More LEGO Hidden Side Summer Sets Revealed at the Nuremberg Toy Fair

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The last day of the Nuremberg Toy Fair saw even more LEGO summer sets to watch out for during the second half of the year. And it looks like LEGO is on fire when it gave toy fair participants a glimpse of its next wave of LEGO Hidden Side summer sets, considering that the second wave of this spooky-fun theme is still in the market.

Promobricks is still from Nuremberg, Germany and reveals that we can expect five additional sets under the theme, two of which will be consisting of two larger builds perhaps similar or even larger in scale, with the Newbury Haunted High School (70425) and the Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000 (70423). Read on for more details.

LEGO Hidden Side Ghost Fire Truck 3000 (70436)

Price: €70 Euro | Minifigures: 4

It is interesting to note that Promobricks describe this set as somewhat of a mech-type, capable of transforming from an assuming fire truck to a ghostly possessed mech. If this will be indeed the case, then I think this will be the first time that we will be getting a LEGO set that actually “transforms” into a mech-build.

LEGO Hidden Side Castle of Mystery (70437)

Price: €100 Euro | Minifigures: 6

9468 1
The Vampyre Castle (9468) from the LEGO Monster Fighters theme may be the inspiration behind the LEGO Hidden Side Castle of Mystery. 

The Ghost Castle is expected to be the largest LEGO Hidden Side summer set in this wave. What is particularly exciting about this is the fact that it carries some similarities from LEGO’s now discontinued LEGO Monster Fighters Vampyre Castle (9468) from 2012. Eventually, the Ghost Castle will be the first-ever castle build under the LEGO Hidden Side theme.

LEGO Hidden Side J.B.’s Submarine (70433)

Price: €19.99 | Minifigures: 3 

Promobricks noted that this set is somehow similar to what you can expect from LEGO City sets. Nevertheless, it is also a nice addition to the collection of vehicles under the LEGO Hidden Side theme.

LEGO Hidden Side Supernatural Race Car (70434)

Price: €29.99 | Minifigures: 3 

42022 1
The LEGO Hidden Side Supernatural Race Car (70434) will follow a hot rod design akin to this LEGO Technic Hot Rod (42022) set. 

This set follows a hot rod design in a predominantly Dark Green color scheme. At the price point of 30 Euro, it is possible that it may follow a similar scale as that of the LEGO Technic Hot Rod (42022) from 2014.

LEGO Hidden Side Abandoned Prison of Newbury (70435)

Price: €39.99 | Minifigures: 4

Another first for the Hidden Side series, this Abandoned Prison build features a few weathered, prison walls. It looks somehow incomplete, giving it a similar impression as that of the Newbury Subway (70430).


Please bear in mind that the set names of these LEGO Hidden Side summer sets are not yet final, and may be subject to change as LEGO see it fit. However, we can be sure that these sets will be released sometime in June. There are no official images yet, but I’ll post some updates once they come in.

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