Second 2019 LEGO Ideas Review Results to be Announced On Wednesday

2019 LEGO Ideas Review

The LEGO Ideas Team is leveling up the excitement for the Second 2019 LEGO Ideas Review Stage. As announced over at their blogsite, the final results for this particular review stage will come this week, specifically tomorrow Wednesday.

This announcement of the next official LEGO Ideas set will be made via a livestream event over at the LEGO Ideas Facebook page on February 12, 2020 4PM (CET). There’s a total of 10 qualifying product ideas ranging from highly popular NASA-inspired sets to entries based on licensed themes. If you recall, the following are the qualifying product ideas that made it to the Second 2019 LEGO Ideas Review Stage.

UCS Space Shuttle Atlantis

2019 LEGO Ideas Review

Thunderbirds Are Go

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Pursuit of Flight

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History Museum

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The Office

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Medieval Blacksmith

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Winnie the Pooh

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NASA Spacecraft

2019 LEGO Ideas Review

The Haunted Mansion: 50th Anniversary

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The Seven Dwarfs’ House
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Additionally, results will also be shared for Stephanix’s Anatomini product idea which was carried over from the previous review stage. Admittedly, the LEGO Ideas Review Team was on a bit of a tight spot since this proposed set requires more time to evaluate perhaps due to the many intricacies and details in this build.

2019 LEGO Ideas Review

To further engage the LEGO fan community, the LEGO Ideas Review Team is also hosting a giveaway where LEGO fans can have the chance to win a signed, LEGO Ideas Dinosaur Fossils (21320) by fan designer Jonathan Brunn. Joining is easy – simply comment on LEGO Ideas’ official social media channels (on this blogsite, on Facebook & Twitter) and make your best guess on what will be our next official LEGO Ideas set based on these qualifying entries. One random comment from each of these platforms will be selected. This particular comment must be able to correctly guess or comes close to the final result in order to bag the prize. Posting of comments will end once the Facebook livestream begins during the abovementioned time.

Given the current trend on NASA and space-themed sets, my best guess is that either the UCS Space Shuttle Atlantis or the NASA Spacecraft makes will emerge as the overall winner. How about you, what do you think will be our next LEGO Ideas set? Don’t forget to submit your comments over at LEGO Ideas, and care to share them as well in the comments section below.

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