ICYMI: New LEGO Minecraft The Redstone Battle (21163) Now Listed Via Amazon UK

LEGO Minecraft Redstone Battle (21163)

This piece of news seemed to have fallen off from my radar. And In case you missed it as well, Amazon UK has now listed a new LEGO Minecraft set slated for release this summer. The LEGO Minecraft The Redstone Battle (21163) comes in at 504 pieces and is expected to retail for 54.99 Euro or roughly 60 USD. It features the minifigure versions of Minecraft heroes Hex, Hedwig, Hal, and Valorie. This set is probably the first tie-in set for the upcoming Minecraft Dungeons video game that levels up the world-building game that we all know to a Diablo-style action and adventure game.

LEGO Minecraft Redstone Battle (21163)

The LEGO Minecraft The Redstone Battle (21163) is also the first among LEGO’s summer releases under the Minecraft theme which expected to arrive in June or the later.  As of this posting, Amazon UK has temporarily stopped receiving pre-orders for this set until further notice. LEGO’s online store has not yet listed The Redstone Battle (21163) set as of this posting, and I’ll update this post once new info comes in. For the rest of the LEGO Minecraft sets released for the first half of this year, you may want to visit LEGO Shop@Home for more details.

LEGO Minecraft The Redstone Battle (21163)

504 pieces | 54.99 €

LEGO Minecraft Redstone Battle (21163) 21163 7 21163 2

Bring all the fun of the online Minecraft Dungeons game into the real world with LEGO Minecraft The Redstone Battle (21163). With posable giants, favourite characters and fun battles, this buildable toy for kids 8+ years old gives Minecraft players an action-packed setting for endless hands-on adventures. Kids create Minecraft action of their own as they take on the giant redstone monstrosity and the redstone golem. They can use cool weapons to role-play battles and adjust the posable redstone monsters to create ever-changing scenes. There are also lots of fun accessories, such as the loot contained inside the Minecraft piggy bank. Looking for the best birthday gift or merchandise toy for a Minecraft fan? LEGO Minecraft playsets put the characters, the construction, the mini toys and the battle action from the online game right into kids’ hands. Bring Minecraft action to life with LEGO brick building toys! The posable redstone monstrosity toy measures over (16cm) tall. Contains 504 pieces.

  • Features a fearsome Redstone Monstrosity and a Redstone Golem that have been unleashed on the Overworld, plus 4 Minecraft heroes and a piggy
  • Players create their own hands-on Dungeons adventures with popular characters & posable giants, bringing the online game into the real world
  • Includes 4 Minecraft heroes: Hex, Hedwig, Hal and Valorie – along with a piggy bank that’s bursting with loot, plus lots of cool weapons
  • There’s endless action and excitement when kids join Minecraft heroes to overcome the Arch-Illager’s minions from Minecraft Dungeons game
  • This buildable toy and hands-on play boost kids’ dexterity, creativity and problem-solving skills, whether playing solo or as a group with

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