Its Building Castles With Tyler In This Week Episode of Quarantine Creations

Quarantine Creations

If you enjoyed last week’s episodes of Quarantine Creations, with all the planes, jets and hot air balloon mini builds, then I’m sure that you’ll enjoy these next round of building activities with Tyler. Whether you’re new in the LEGO hobby or a veteran builder already, these building activities offer some respite from the quarantine jitters that most of us may be experiencing. And for this week, Tyler brings back those nostalgic feelings of early LEGO fandom while building castles using the most common LEGO pieces around. Watch this.

As typical of Tyler, he takes the extra mile of teaching and explaining some of the building techniques involved in these creations, and detailing the needed parts for this mini builds. Check out the following parts and see if you have them in your collection.

Quarantine Creations Untitled 3 Quarantine Creations Untitled 5 Quarantine Creations Untitled 7

I like how this castle turned out, especially the way on how some of its aesthetics were cleverly built at such a miniature scale. The use of the 1×1 Angular Bricks (I refer to them as ‘washing machine’ bricks) for the windows is a creative workaround in providing windows for the portion of the tower. Likewise, the use of the 1×1 brick with handle, and 1×1 brick with holder to create that cross effect for the window is pretty impressive. Some parts are missing from my collection but I think it can be replaced with other suitable pieces.

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Stay safe and keep on building!

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3 thoughts on “Its Building Castles With Tyler In This Week Episode of Quarantine Creations”

    1. I actually made one myself but needed to improvise since I don’t have the exact same colors. Regardless of my multi-colored castle, I enjoyed the process of building it. 🙂

  1. Wow, I’m really impressed with the latest episode of Quarantine Creations! The variety of builds, from planes and jets to hot air balloons, was already exciting, but this round of building activities with Tyler is truly captivating. Whether you’re a newcomer to the LEGO hobby or an experienced builder, these activities offer a wonderful escape from the quarantine jitters that many of us are facing.

    Tyler’s attention to detail and his dedication to teaching and explaining the building techniques involved is commendable. It’s great to see him go the extra mile to ensure that viewers understand the process and can recreate these amazing creations. I particularly loved the castle build in this episode. The clever use of common LEGO pieces, like the 1×1 Angular Bricks for the windows, really adds a unique touch. The cross effect for the windows created with the 1×1 brick with handle and 1×1 brick with holder is also quite impressive. Although some pieces may be missing from my own collection, I appreciate that Tyler suggests suitable replacements.

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