LEGO Ninjago Summer 2020 Box Art Images Released

LEGO Ninjago Summer 2020

It seems that another third-party retailer is pretty much excited to show-off its next batch of LEGO sets. Thanks to Norwegian online shop Skvis Arena, we can now have an idea of what LEGO has in store for its LEGO Ninjago summer 2020 collection.

Following the LEGO City, Creator, and Hidden Side summer 2020 reveals, it is not surprising to see that LEGO Ninjago also has a handful of new sets to beat.  I really can’t figure out the overarching theme from this summer 2020 wave due to the rather low-quality images but we can clearly see that there will be the usual spinning implements, a new battle mech, a continuity of Legacy sets, and another 4+ set following the release of the LEGO Ninjago Kai’s Fire Dragon (71701) earlier this year.  Based on these images, my guess is that this next wave will bring our ninjas to an underground adventure against enemies buried within the depths of the earth. The new battle mech is quite impressive as well, with a better lower body design compared to previous releases.

I hope to see better images of these sets once they make their appearance at LEGO Shop@Home anytime soon. For now, let’s take a closer look.

Spinjitzu Burst Cole (70685)

48 pieces | €9.99

LEGO Ninjago Summer 2020                      

Spinjitzu Burst Kai (70686)

48 pieces | €9.99


Spinjitzu Burst Lloyd (70687)

48 pieces | €9.99

LEGO Ninjago Summer 2020

Storm Fighter Battle 4+ (71703)

165 pieces | €29.99


Kai ´s Fighter (71704)

513 pieces | €39.99

LEGO Ninjago Summer 2020

Destiny’s Bounty (71705)

1,781 pieces | €129.99


Journey to the Skull Dungeons (71717)

401 pieces | €24.99

LEGO Ninjago Summer 2020

Wu’s Battle Dragon (71718)

321 pieces | €19.99


Zane´s Mino Creature (71719)

616 pieces | €49.99


Fire Stone Mech (71720)

968 pieces | €69.99

LEGO Ninjago Summer 2020

Skull Sorcerer’s Dragon (71721)

1,016 pieces | €79.99


Skull Sorcerer’s Dungeon (71722)

1,171 pieces | €99.99



Be sure to subscribe to our blogsite for more updates. I expect a busy week ahead with all the reveals coming from LEGO’s summer 2020 releases so stay tuned. Special thanks to Promobricks and Pricevortex for providing additional info.

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