First Look at the LEGO Hidden Side Summer 2020 Sets

LEGO Hidden Side Summer 2020

Following the reveal of the latest and upcoming LEGO City sets, another wave of home-grown LEGO sets is definitely on their way for the second half of the year. Online retailing company Rakuten France has given us a glimpse of the LEGO Hidden Side summer 2020 sets, with five new sets to watch out for.

LEGO Hidden Side has proven itself to be quite popular since its debut last year. Fusing together the elements of play through traditional brick-building and the use of augmented reality, LEGO Hidden Side gathered enough momentum to have a large following among LEGO fans. We saw the release of six new sets at the beginning of this year, and for the second half of 2020, we can now expect four LEGO Hidden Side summer 2020 sets to launch sometime in June or in the latter part of May.

Just to be clear, it seems that Rakuten has already pulled out these images from their website so I would like to thank the Brickfinder for publishing these images. We all still prefer to see better, high-res images from LEGO Shop@Home, including the sets’ respective product description. I’ll update this post once more official info arrives. But for now, let’s take a peek at what this wave has to offer.

JB’s Submarine (70433)

LEGO Hidden Side Summer 2020 70433

Supernatural Race Car (70434)

LEGO Hidden Side Summer 2020 70434


Abandoned Prison of Newbury (70435)

LEGO Hidden Side Summer 202070435


Ghost Firetruck 3000 (70436)
LEGO Hidden Side Summer 2020 70436


These are not the best images that we have so far, but we can somehow see that these new sets will introduce several new pieces and minifigure accessories that you might find interesting. For example, I like how the wheels on the race car turned out, plus the new robot screen minifigure on the Ghost Firetruck 3000. Story-wise, it also seems that a new villain will be introduced in this theme as well. Not shown in this wave of LEGO Hidden Side summer 2020 sets is a fifth one (which looks like to be the largest in this collection as well) that resembles a kind of observatory.

These sets are not yet listed at LEGO Shop@Home as of this posting, but we can probably expect these to be listed at LEGO’s shopping portal anytime soon.

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