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LEGO Monkie Kid

For those of you who are looking forward to the recently revealed LEGO Monkie Kid sets, LEGO Shop@Home has now made it available for all. This latest offering from LEGO takes inspiration from the classic Chinese saga Journey to the West, given that modern-day LEGO twist. This new LEGO series follows Monkie Kid and his friends as they seek the aid of the legendary Monkey King in order to thwart the evil plans of the Demon Bull King. Will get to know more about the details of the story behind Monkie Kid when it’s animated tie-in series arrives.

I love how these sets turned out, especially that of the Monkey King Warrior Mech and the Demon Bull King sets. It seems that LEGO designers have somehow perfected it’s mech designs. Check out the official product descriptions for this first wave of Monkie Kid sets. And as a way of helping us keep our site, you may want to consider clicking on the following affiliate links below.

White Dragon Horse Bike (80006)

259 pieces | $34.99 | Minifigures: Mei, Monkie Kid, Snort, Bob

LEGO Monkie Kid

Let children role-play heroic missions to defeat the Bull Clones with this exciting LEGO® Monkie Kid™ White Dragon Horse Bike (80006) playset. There are loads of cool details to inspire hours of fun, including the LEGO toy motorcycle’s foldout flight-mode wings and stud shooters, the Bull Clones’ hideout’s prison, ‘fire’ gate, and stud shooters, plus Monkie Kid’s Cloud Board. The 4 minifigures also have weapons to boost the battle role-play action.


Iron Bull Tank (80007)

430 pieces | $49.99  | Minifigures: Monkie Kid, Sandy (bigfig), Grunt, Roar

LEGO Monkie Kid

Children can role-play epic adventures as heroes Monkie Kid and Sandy – or villainous Bull Clones – with the LEGO® Monkie Kid™ Iron Bull Tank (80007). This LEGO armored toy vehicle features a rotating turret with a 6-stud rapid shooter, oil-barrel-launching function and other cool details to inspire battle action. An exciting LEGO gift idea for kids aged 7 and up, the toy playset includes 3 minifigures and a Sandy figure with weapons to inspire youngsters to create new stories every playtime.

Monkie Kid’s Cloud Jet (80008)

529 pieces | $59.99 | Minfigures: Ai, Monkie Kid, Red Son, Growl

LEGO Monkie Kid

Kids will love role-playing as hero Monkie Kid, piloting his Cloud Jet, battling for The Golden Staff, and saving a civilian with this cool LEGO® playset (80008). The aircraft toy features disc shooters and a minifigure cockpit that detaches to become a speed bike, while enemy Red Son has a buildable Twin Fire Jet Pack and Power Glove for conflict play. A super LEGO gift idea for kids aged 8 and up, it includes 4 minifigures so children can pretend to be their favorite characters.

Pigsy’s Food Truck (80009)

832 pieces | $69.99 | Minifigures: Uncle Qiao, Pigsy, Monkie Kid, Snort, Grunt

80009 1

Inspire action-packed playtime adventures with this LEGO® Monkie Kid™ toy playset (80009) featuring Pigsy’s Food Truck and 2 buildable toy motorcycles for the food-stealing Bull Clones. The LEGO food truck toy has opening sides for easy access to the kitchen and command center. Fans will love fun features like the fake refrigerator with weapons inside and the pig-shaped rapid shooter on the roof. A super LEGO gift idea for kids, it includes 5 collectible toy minifigures to role-play exciting stories.


Demon Bull King (80010)

1,051 pieces | $89.99 | Minifigures: Pigsy, Monkie Kid, Princess Iron Fan

80010 1

Young Monkie Kid fans will love creating epic scenes with this LEGO® Demon Bull King building toy (80010). A brilliant LEGO gift idea for kids aged 9 and up, it features a huge, posable Demon Bull King model, with many cool features to build and inspire play such as a LEGO light brick that lights up the torso, stud-shooting cannons, a ‘flame thrower’ and a big axe. The Monkie Kid, Pigsy, and Princess Iron Fan minifigures each have weapons, including The Golden Staff, to boost the battle action.


Red Son’s Inferno Truck (80011)

1,111 pieces | $119.99 | Minifigures: Lee, Mei, Monkie Kid, Red Son, Snort, Grunt, Roar

80011 1

Children can dream up limitless action-packed stories with this LEGO® Monkie Kid™ toy building set (80011). Red Son’s Inferno Truck has many play-inspiring features, including a button to launch the integrated race car toy and fire the 6-stud rapid shooter, plus a winch to drag the ‘exploding’ ATM out of the brick-built Speedy Panda store. A great gift idea for kids, this LEGO tow truck comes with 7 minifigures for role play and a colorful Pigsy delivery tuk-tuk for Monkie Kid to drive to rescue store owner Lee.


Monkey King Warrior Mech (80012)

1,629 pieces | $149.99 | Minifigures: Jia, An, Monkie King, Monkie Kid, General Ironclad, Growl

80012 1

LEGO® Monkie Kid™ fans can become civilian-saving heroes with this huge, posable Monkey King Warrior Mech (80012), featuring gold-colored elements and an extendable staff. This set also features a stud-shooting Bull Clone mech toy and Pigsy’s noodle store to inspire creative storytelling. An ideal LEGO gift idea for kids aged 10 and up, it includes 6 minifigures, plus The Golden Staff, a buildable cloud for Monkie Kid and Flower Fruit Mountain mini build to recreate an iconic scene from Monkie Kid’s life story.


Monkie Kid’s Team Secret HQ (80013)

1,959 pieces | $169.99 | Minifigures: Mei, Pigsy, Monkie Kid, Sandy, General Ironclad, Grunt, Roar, Snort

80013 1

Let children discover the cool features inside LEGO® Monkie Kid’s Team Secret HQ (80013). This LEGO ship toy opens up and can be divided for easy access to the detailed living area, workshop, posable mech, and more. The toy crane on the deck can be used to grab the Bull Clones’ stud-shooting assault boat, and Pigsy and Mei’s fun buildable water jets add to the battle play options. A fabulous gift idea for kids, this LEGO set includes 7 minifigures with weapons, plus Sandy and Mo the cat figures to role-play exciting adventures.


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