LEGO Monkie Kid Animated Series Coming Soon

LEGO Monkie Kid Animated Series

Together with the reveal of LEGO’s latest line of LEGO Monkie Kid sets, LEGO also announces a tie-in animated series that chronicles the adventures of our new superhero. Inspired by the classic Chinese story Journey to the West, the LEGO Monkie Kid Animated series will follow the adventures of the Monkie Kid as he comes into terms of his mission to save the world. Watch the series’ video trailer below.

The LEGO Monkie Kid animated series will feature the characters of the hero-in-the-making Monkie Kid, together with Mei, Sandy, and Pigsy as they venture to seek the aid of the Monkey King against the modern-day minions of the show’s chief antagonist, the Demon Bull King.

LEGO Monkie Kid Animated Series

LEGO Monkie Kid Animated Series

There is no further info regarding when and where the series will be aired, but we’ll probably get more updates in the coming days. The artwork featured in the LEGO Monkie Kid animated series somehow deviates from LEGO’s usual style of animation, which underscores LEGO’s brand of humor. From the looks of it, the show is a nice fusion of both oriental and modern art concepts that shows an alternate continuity of the 500-year old epic story.

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The LEGO Monkie Kid sets are slated to be available globally by tomorrow, May 16, with China, Singapore, Hongkong, and Malaysia having a head start today. Though LEGO Shop@Home in the US is yet to update its servers to include these sets in their listing, fans have been sharing across social media that some US LEGO stores have been selling these sets earlier than expected. Not really sure if these early sales can be considered “official” in a way, but you may want to check with your local LEGO brand store first for product availability. Most of LEGO’s physical stores have opened already so you have the option of doing your in-store purchase. However, due to the on-going pandemic, I do recommend that you exercise due caution in going out and visiting public places. I will still opt for online purchases for my LEGO fix for the time being.

I’ll keep you posted once the product listings for LEGO Monkie Kid sets go live at, so stay tuned. Thanks to The Brothers Bricks for sharing the vid.

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