Add More Fun to Your Builds With This Pair of LEGO Xtra Tape Accessories

LEGO xtra Tape

Some LEGO fan websites spotted this piece of news several days ago, and I find it interesting to take note of them here on our blog site. LEGO Shop@Home in Europe has updated their listing to now include a pair of LEGO Xtra Tape accessories to jazz up your LEGO City builds.

The LEGO Xtra Tape may seem to be too simplistic (well, after all, it’s tape) – but looking at how it is functioned to provide texture to any builds, plus the additional LEGO pieces that go with them, I wouldn’t mind purchasing them for $7.99. Each of these LEGO Xtra Tape accessories measures at 15 meters in length, and comes in two variants: the Road Tape (854048) and the Water Tape (854065), both of which come with a few LEGO decorative pieces that can accentuate your next LEGO City build or underwater adventure.

These accessories are not yet available at LEGO Shop@Home in the US as of this posting, but we can expect this to go live starting June 1 together alongside upcoming LEGO summer 2020 sets such as those from the LEGO Friends, Marvel, and Brick Sketches themes to name a few.

Read on for the product descriptions of these LEGO Xtra Tape accessories to know more about these offerings.

LEGO Xtra Road Tape (854048)

35 pieces | $7.99 

LEGO xtra Tape LEGO xtra Tape 854048 alt4

LEGO® fans will be thrilled to stage exciting action and races with this cool Road Tape accessory set (854048). Roll out the grey tape featuring road markings, tire skid marks and grass effects, and kids can create fun stories with it and 8 elements, which include a speed sign, traffic cones, traffic light and moped. The set can be combined with other LEGO® sets, so kids can race all their vehicles along the tape.


LEGO Xtra Water Tape (854065)

23 pieces | $7.99

LEGO xtra Tape 854065 alt1 854065 alt5

LEGO® fans will love bringing the sea to life with this awesome Water Tape accessory set (854065). Roll out the blue tape, featuring ripple and wave effects, and kids can immediately create fun stories from the sea with it and 10 elements, which include a frog, fish, crab, seaweed and raft. Imaginative youngsters will be captivated for hours.

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