LEGO Comes to Our Aid by Helping Us Spot A Fake LEGO Webstore

Fake LEGO Webstore

Two years ago, I published an article that that placed the spotlight on various fake LEGO shopping websites that you should avoid if you want your hard-earned money not be put to waste. It’s my little contribution to the LEGO fan community to help us avoid the deceitfulness of these LEGO scam sites. And now that we are in full steam ahead of the holiday season, I’m personally glad that LEGO has officially spoken on the matter by helping us spot a fake LEGO webstore.  Here are some of the guidelines or steps that they’ve released along with a neat infographic. Check these out.

Fake LEGO Webstore

We’re doing everything we can to protect consumers from fraud, and we take the issue of fraudulent and scam websites very seriously. We’re working harder than ever to identify and report as many of these sites as possible and the following simple steps can help you spot a fake, fraudulent, or scam LEGO webstore.

Look closely at the contents of the site.

Spend time looking at the entire website before purchasing anything. Check for incorrect language, fake consumer services addresses, terms and conditions for returns, privacy policy, etc. If you are still in doubt after doing this, try calling the company if a phone number is provided on the page. Often, the phone numbers on fake webstores do not exist or they do not answer calls.

Be cautious of very low prices.

When you see very low prices being offered on LEGO products, it may be a fake webstore that uses the tactic to lure you in to either buy fake LEGO sets or simply take your money.

Pay with debit or credit card.

When buying a LEGO product online, a credit or debit card will often provide greater protection if you’re unfortunate enough to buy fake or non-existent products.

Check customer reviews.

Look at various websites that collect customer reviews – use multiple sources. Check websites that alert about current scam sites.

If you see a potentially fraudulent or scam website claiming to sell LEGO products, please contact customer service at

Remember to shop only at legitimate sites like LEGO Shop@Home and Amazon. Yes, authentic LEGO sets may be hard on the wallet, but an excellent and well-made toy that will last for a lifetime is without a doubt, a worthy investment. Thanks again to LEGO for helping us spot a fake LEGO webstore.

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