Celebrate the Lunar New Year With These LEGO Chinese Traditional Festival Sets

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Though 2021  might saw most of our friends in Asia celebrating the Lunar New  Year indoors due to the current pandemic, there are still plenty of ways to share precious quality time with our loved ones. And one great way for LEGO fans to do so is to have some pile of LEGO bricks and come up with your most creative, Lunar New Year-inspired sets. And to jumpstart these building projects, here are some LEGO Chinese traditional festival sets that can inspire you to make your indoor Lunar New Year celebrations more brick-building fun.

In case you haven’t checked them yet, you may know more about these LEGO Chinese traditional festival sets via these Amazon affiliate links below. Two of these sets made their debut this year in the form of the Story Nian (80106) and Spring Lantern Festival (80107) sets, so it’s nice to see LEGO gradually building this subtheme.

Happy New Lunar Year everyone and keep on building!

Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner (80101)

80101 1


Dragon Dance (80102)

80102 1


Dragon Boat Race (80103)

80103 1


Lion Dance (80104)

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Chinese New Year Temple Fair (80105)

80105 1


Story of Nian (80106)

80106 1


Spring Lantern Festival (80107)

80107 1


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