ICYMI: You May Want to Pick-Up This 2022 LEGO Wall Calendar

2022 LEGO Wall Calendar

It has been a long time since LEGO Stores gave out their official LEGO Calendar. And without any indication of making a comeback, it’s nice to know that we can still have some LEGO-themed calendars adorning our walls and rooms anytime soon. Thanks to Chronicle Books, we can look forward to a copy of the 2022 LEGO Wall Calendar.

This Chronicle Books offering is a collection of postcard-like images of everyday things transformed impressively into LEGO bricks. For $15, you’ll get 24 pages of vibrant brick artworks similar to what we can find from LEGO Still Life With Bricks: 100 Collectible Postcards. Besides the monthly LEGO builds that are showcased for each month, this eye-catching calendar also has additional pages for September to December of this year.

This latest offering from Chronicle Books is still slated to be released on July 27, but you can pre-order your copy as early as now over at their website. Just click on the link below to know more.

2022 LEGO Wall Calendar

2022 lego wall calendar

This vibrant, easy-to-read monthly wall calendar offers a full year of LEGO® inspiration and creativity.

Capturing the playfulness and creativity at the heart of the LEGO brand, the LEGO 2022 Wall Calendar reimagines everyday objects and scenes using LEGO bricks, transforming handfuls of bricks into minty toothpaste, eggs and bacon, lush houseplants, and more.

  • 24-page 12 x 12 inch month-by-month calendarPerfect for hanging at home or over an office desk
  • Features unique art made out of LEGO bricks
  • Must-have for LEGO fans and thoughtful present for design and art lovers

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