LEGO Ideas Minifigure Keychains Now Available at LEGO Shop@Home

LEGO Ideas Minifigure Keychains

Well, here’s one way to gather your LEGO Ideas Central Perk minifigures. In case you missed it, LEGO Shop@Home has been updated with new minifig-inspired gears in the form of several LEGO Ideas minifigure keychains featuring the characters of the iconic hit TV series F.R.I.E.N.D.S. And in case you’re into collecting the minifigure characters, then grabbing these dangling accessories is a no-brainer.

This series of minifigure keychains consists of Ross, Chandler, Joey, Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe. For some reason, LEGO opted not to include a minifigure keychain version of Gunther (the Central Perk’s ubiquitous manager). I guess it’s a marketing strategy for adult LEGO fans to get the LEGO Ideas set itself (wink, wink). Whatever is the case, getting these LEGO Ideas minifigure keychains is a great way to add them to your collection if you’re not planning to purchase the LEGO Ideas Central Perk (21319) set.

You may click on the following affiliate links below to know more about these keychains, with each of them retailing for $5.99.

Ross Geller Key Chain (854117)

LEGO Ideas Minifigure Keychains

Chandler Bing Key Chain (854118)

854118 1

Joey Tribbiani Key Chain (854119)

LEGO Ideas Minifigure Keychains

Rachel Green Key Chain (854120)

854120 1

Monica Geller Key Chain (854121)

LEGO Ideas Minifigure Keychains

Phoebe Buffay Key Chain (854122)

854122 1

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