LEGO Launches 2021 May the 4th Promotions

May the 4th

Just in time with the announcement of the new LEGO Star Wars UCS R2-D2 (75308) set, LEGO has also unveiled its 2021 May the 4th promotions and other pretty cool freebies. And similar to previous years’ promo, LEGO is now giving another iconic Star Wars scene a microscaled, diorama rendition. Aside from its cool selection of LEGO Star Wars sets up for grabs, LEGO Shop@Home has now been updated to include several of its May the 4th promotions which will be made available starting May 1st.

Free LEGO Star Wars Tatooine Homestead (40451)

May the 4th

Similar to its diorama predecessors such as 2020’s Death Star II Battle (40407) and 2019’s Battle of Hoth – 20th Anniversary Edition (40333), the Tatooine Homestead (40451) features a microscaled version of Luke Skywalker’s beginnings in his home planet of Tatooine. This miniature vignette depicts the Lars family home, a Landspeeder, a Sandcrawler with the desert dunes of Tatooine on its background, and the year 2021 featured on the center. This May the 4th promotional will be added to your cart for free for every single receipt LEGO Star Wars purchases made between May 1 to 5 worth $85 and above.


Free LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle (30388) Polybag

May the 4th 0018 1130

As an in-store freebie, LEGO is throwing in this LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle (30388) polybag for fans who will opt to visit and purchase at their nearest LEGO Store from May 1 to 5. This polybag will be added to your cart for free for every single-receipt LEGO Star Wars purchase worth $40 or more.


LEGO Star Wars Dutch Vander Minifigure VIP Sweepstakes

May the 4th

LEGO is also throwing in another minifigure as part of its LEGO VIP sweepstakes promo running from May 1 to 21, 2021. For a certain number of LEGO VIP points, you can have a chance of winning a LEGO Star Wars Dutch Vander minifigure. This comes encased in a collectible acrylic case together with a signed photo of Canadian actor Angus MacInnes who played the iconic role of Rebel Squadron Gold Leader Jon “Dutch” Vander. With regards to the minifigure, I really can’t say if it’s an entirely new minifig version of the Gold Leader since its looks very much the same as that of the exclusive minifigure that came with the LEGO Star Wars UCS Y-wing Starfighter (75181) from 2018.

Aside from these c0llectible freebies, we can also expect the usual LEGO Double VIP points for LEGO Star Wars purchases made from May 1 to 5. And if you want to maximize those valuable points, then you may want to consider adding to your must-have list these upcoming sets such as the LEGO Star Wars R2-D2 (75308), Imperial Probe Droid (75306), and Darth Vader (75304), and Scout Trooper (75305) Helmets.

Be sure to stay tuned for more May theĀ  4th updates and promos. So what are you most excited about the LEGO Star Wars May the 4th promotions? Let us know in the comments below.

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