A New Fan-Voted LEGO Minecraft Minifigure Skin Is Coming in 2022

LEGO Minecraft Minifigure

LEGO CON may well be over, but there are a lot of things to look forward to thanks to LEGO’s very first virtual fan convention. If you recall from last month, one of the highlights of LEGO CON 2021 is a LEGO Minecraft poll where fans are asked to vote among three suggested LEGO Minecraft minifigure skins: a ninja, a warrior, and a ranger. And after several weeks of gathering support, LEGO has finally announced the winner via its social media channel.

With more than 56% of fan votes, the overall winner of this fan vote contest is the LEGO Minecraft Ninja Character minifigure skin. To be precise, this is not the first ninja character that was introduced to the LEGO Minecraft theme. Just last year, LEGO added in the Illlager Raid (21160) set a LEGO Minecraft version of Kai as a way of celebrating Ninjago’s 10th anniversary. However, having a new and original ninja skin added to the growing number of Minecraft-inspired minifigures is a very much welcomed offering.

There is no final word yet on how this new LEGO Minecraft Minifigure will make its debut next year. Whether added to the usual LEGO Minecraft set, or skin packs like those from 2016, I’m pretty sure that this is a welcomed treat to all fans of the theme. We’ll soon find out.

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