More Hints on the LEGO Marvel Collectible Minifigures Series (71031)

LEGO Marvel Collectible Minifigures

The full-length official trailer of the next MCU Disney+ series has already been released, and with it comes more hints on what we can expect from the upcoming LEGO Marvel Collectible Minifigures Series (71031). In case you missed it, you may watch it right here.

If you recall from last month, I published a list of these rumored MCU characters that are said to be included in the next LEGO CMF series. First off, it is clear by now that unlike last year’s DC Comics-inspired LEGO CMF (71026), the LEGO Marvel Collectible Minifigures Series (71031) source material will be entirely from the new MCU Disney+ offerings – from WandaVision up to the animated What If…? series. And now that we have seen the official trailer of the upcoming multiverse series, coupled with the exciting reveals of Loki’s episode 5, we can better fine-tune our list.

With more information coming from Brick Fanatics, here’s the latest rundown of what we can expect from our next licensed LEGO CMF.

      • Scarlet Witch
      • White Vision
      • Monica Rambeau (it was initially thought that it was Agatha Harkness, but the latest word from brick street shows that it will be the super-powered SWORD operative)
      • Captain America Sam Wilson (with shield and new wings)
      • Bucky Barnes (with new printed arm and knife)
      • Loki (in a trench coat with the word VARIANT printed at the back, and Throg as an accessory as seen in Loki Episode 5)
      • Sylvie (now that the Loki series has revealed Sylvie as the one trying to burn the TVA to the ground instead of Lady Loki, we can expect her to be in the LEGO CMF as well)
      • Captain Britain Peggy Carter (with shield and Tessaract)
      • Zombie Captain America
      • Star-Lord T’Challa (with a pair of blasters)
      • Spider Supreme (it was initially thought that this will be a Steve Rogers version of Spidey, but the latest official trailer of What If…? has shown this character to be a multiverse counterpart of Peter Parker with a penchant for a Doctor Strange-like capes)
      • Warlord Gamora (inspired by Thanos and wields a double blade similar to what the Mad Titan used

Though sources tell us that we can expect only 12 minifigures from this line-up, I’m still hoping they will throw in more minifigures coming from this Marvel and Disney+ collab. I guess we just have to wait for LEGO’s official word which I believe will be anytime soon.

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