LEGO Releases Official Teaser for Creator Expert Set FC Barcelona-Camp Nou (10284)

LEGO 10284 Camp Nou teaser titel

When it comes to products associated with FC Barcelona, LEGO appears to be pacing their reveals for max hype. Throughout 2021 they had LEGO/futbol fans searching online for word about the upcoming LEGO Creator Expert set depicting Barça home stadium Camp Nou (10284). Then LEGO Shop@Home Australia listed the set’s GWP add-on, FC Barcelona Celebration (40485). That may as well have been a hint that new details about LEGO Camp Nou were forthcoming anytime now. As it turns out, the wait took only a day or so. Then again, it’s still not a whole reveal but a teaser.

LEGO has just released a video glimpse of the Creator Expert Camp Nou set (10284) in fully-built glory. In just 12 seconds the teaser had a first-person view running down the access tunnel of presumably the real stadium. After a white-out transition the POV “emerges” into the plastic pitch of Camp Nou’s scaled-down LEGO counterpart.

The brick-built bleachers then fades into FC Barcelona’s motto, “Mes Que Un Club”/”More than a Club.”

It effectively serves the purpose of confirming the set while leaving collectors/Barça fans begging for more.

Regardless of rumors that LEGO held back on promoting the set out of delicacy for FC Barcelona’s loss of Lionel Messi, this preview is real. LEGO Creator Expert Camp Nou (10284) is coming. They still haven’t said when yet, but word will surely arrive not long after this. And we can’t forget the FC Barcelona Celebration (40485) set with the Barça fan minifigs and the Font de Canaletes as its gift-with-purchase.

40485 1

Whether or not this set-GWP combo can match the reception of its Creator Expert stadium set last 2020, the Trafford-Manchester United (10272) and its companion the LEGO United Trinity Statue (5006171), remains to be seen.

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