Malaysian Retailer Has First Images of LEGO Seasonal Santa’s Sleigh (40499)

40499 1

Seasonal LEGO sets can be counted on to pop up just ahead of the seasonal holidays of the year. And seeing as this is now September, some new seasonal sets celebrating one major holiday at year’s end are expected. LEGO Seasonal Halloween Owl (40497) came out in August, with Seasonal Penguin (40498) expected in October. Another yuletide-themed seasonal set numbered 40499 has also been rumored. Rather than the buildable cute animal of previous seasonal products, this one is a vehicle build. If you connected “Christmas” and “vehicle” together, then good guess. Santa’s Sleigh is possibly coming up, with images revealed. was rather reluctant to feature this set, even with the crisp-looking product images. That’s because they found it on a Malaysian online retailer called Mr. Brick Hunt. No release date was given, but they price LEGO Santa’s Sleigh (40499) it at 269.9 Malaysian ringgits. That’s about $65.5 in exact conversion. It sounds like a reasonable price range, at least.

40499 1

Looking at the set itself, Santa’s Sleigh looks like a pretty solid and varied build. The red sleigh has a driver’s section for Santa, a rear bin for his toys, and even a slide-out trunk. The Santa Claus minifigure himself has his Christmas list in hand. His cargo of presents includes a teddy bear, a pair of skis, a guitar and probably more.

40499 2

By the way, does that brown box in the back inset photo look like a Sleigh GPS? NORAD must have been giving Santa some up-to-date navigation gear. And it’s not a sleigh without reindeer pulling it. Set 40499 has four buildable reindeer with harness, probably just enough.

It’s a good bet that LEGO Seasonal Santa’s Sleigh (40499) is coming next month. Let’s keep our eyes peeled on October 1, when more new LEGO sets will be released.

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