LEGO Stores Mexico Provides Clearer Image of LEGO Mini Disney Castle (40478)

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The Magic (in Mini form) is real. For Disney fans and LEGO collectors who feel the Disney Castle set (71040) is too big, they have an alternative. It comes in the form of LEGO Mini Disney Castle (40478), recently confirmed. LEGO even had an image of the box packaging in its official documentation. Of course, being found on a PDF, said image was too small and blurry when blown up. Luckily a better image of the set has surfaced, and from Mexico of all sources.

A big shout-out to Brick Fanatics for catching a recent social media post featuring the Mini Disney Castle. LEGO Stores Mexico posted it on their official Instagram page this past September 6. We get to see the fully-built LEGO Mini Disney Castle (40478) with its included Mickey Mouse minifigure. Superimposed on the picture to one side is the box. The promo image’s Spanish slogans translate: “Your favorite castle in miniature,” and “Look forward to it soon.” Gee, the photo tells more but the text keeps mum on further info.

What we know now

Thanks to the clearer image from LEGO Stores Mexico, we can at least discern some new details.  The mini castle, like its bigger 71040 original, sits on a black base. Some colors are different since Disney World likes to repaint their central structure once in a while. Finally, the Mickey Mouse minifigure is actually a bit different from the one with set 71040. The older version had yellow highlights on his tuxedo; this one doesn’t.

The 404 number on LEGO Mini Disney Castle (40478) has hinted that this would be a gift-with-purchase. LEGO Stores Mexico however commented on its IG post that it will launch at their stores. There’s a possibility that it could be both, depending on whether it was store-bought or gotten from LEGO Shop@Home. Again, we wait until LEGO gives more clarification.

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