New LEGO Star Wars Helmets Rumored to Come Out Next Year

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The AFOL section of the LEGO Star Wars fandom has gotten some awesome sets geared for them since last year. Perhaps the most memorable are the Star Wars Helmet collection. There’s nothing like brick-built recreations of the iconic headgear of the Empire (and one bounty hunter) to inspire imagination. Five sets have been released thus far. Last year saw the line’s debut with the Stormtrooper (75276), TIE Fighter Pilot (75274) and Boba Fett (75277) helmets. This past March saw them joined by Darth Vader (75304) and the Scout Trooper (75305). And according to in Germany, more sets are coming.

That’s pretty much the gist of the rumor Promobricks has picked up: more LEGO Star Wars Helmets in 2022. Apparently, LEGO is considering the helmets of three characters, but will decide to make only two sets. The three in question are Luke Skywalker (Red 5 helmet), Imperial AT-AT Pilot, and Din Djarin. Indeed, the titular Mandalorian from the “self-titled” Disney+ series is getting a LEGO helmet. One has to wonder however at how to make these rumored LEGO sets distinct. The AT-AT Pilot’s helmet is almost a revamped, recolored Stormtrooper. Din’s helmet on the other hand comes across as duller and less fanciful that Boba’s.

Bear in mind that these are just rumors at the very moment. We’ll have to wait again until LEGO makes an official statement about these (supposed) new LEGO Star Wars Helmets. The same goes for rumors of new LEGO Star Wars Battle Packs that started making buzz earlier this month. About the only thing we can say is that we’re now wishing more heroic “Star Wars” characters wore helmets. This line of LEGO Star Wars sets is near-totally skewed in favor of the Galactic Empire.

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