LEGO Teaser Substantiates Rumors of “Queer Eye” Apartment Set (10291)

lego queereye 10291

Funny how we were recently talking about LEGO sets geared for AFOLs in particular fandoms. It’s true that quite a bit of LEGO Ideas submissions might be for adult-oriented IPs. One comment from the story about this teaser noted how many “The Office” sets aspire for LEGO Ideas. And there has been talk that LEGO will make sets for “The Batman” starring Robert Pattinson. Production’s been pushing to get it an R-rating. But back to this new LEGO teaser: observers are sure about the show from the images. LEGO “Queer Eye” sets are coming?

If somebody didn’t get it, “Queer Eye” is a reality show streaming on Netflix since 2018. It features a makeover team of five gay guys helping a wide variety of people better their lifestyles and relationships. The teasers on LEGO’s official social media hint at icons symbolizing the “Fab 5” headlining the show. It pretty much confirms an earlier rumor: “Queer Eye” Apartment, numbered 10291. Speculation on this set of 974 pieces began last August, with a possible release date sometime within this month. If so, then LEGO Queer Eye Apartment (10291) could be blown wide open any day now.

Once the set releases, it will join a nice ensemble of “apartment” LEGO sets based on various franchises. How cool would it be to build a LEGO neighborhood withFriends,” “Seinfeld” and “Queer Eye” together? We first need to see how the “Queer Eye” set looks like first, though it surely won’t be long now.

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