Rumor of 9 New LEGO Technic Sets Coming Next Year

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LEGO Technic is advertised by LEGO as the line that can teach children in construction of complex devices. Their specialized building pieces are thus the go-to for producing complicated LEGO-built vehicles. Whether for pleasure, sport, or work, vehicle sets from the LEGO Technic theme are beautiful art pieces one and all. Owning to the technical nature of their builds, Technic set releases in a year are not really numerous. Fans of the line however will wait excitedly for what LEGO brings out next. Thus, this rumor from a social media post will pique their curiosity.

According to LEGO speed-builder and news hound bricksmelody, at least nine LEGO Technic sets are coming in 2022. In an Instagram post, bricksmelody enumerated the rumored Technic products with their set numbers, piece-numbers and possible prices. The sets range from younger-age vehicles with pull-back function to potentially massive construction equipment. One set is supposedly licensed to a real-life heavy-vehicle manufacturer. Two sets have no names. Here’s the Instagram entry in question, with our own enumeration.

  1. Monster Truck (42132) – 139 pieces, $9.99
  2. Compact Excavator (42133) – 203 pieces, $14.99
  3. Pull-back Hot Rod (42134) – 266 pieces, $19.99
  4. Pull-back Go-Kart (42135) – 268 pieces, $19.99
  5. Racing Water Scooter (42136) – 467 pieces, $29.99
  6. Backhoe Loader (42137) – 893 pieces, $59.99
  7. [To be determined] (42138) – 726 pieces, $69.99
  8. [Licensed] Tractor (42139) – 1,286 pieces, $119.99
  9. [To be determined] w/ Control+ (42140) – 398 pieces, $129.99

You know what comes next. The above information is a rumor at the moment, and we’ll have to wait until LEGO itself breaks any news. Still, new Technic sets are nothing to sneeze at. Some of them have wowed us before, especially the Technic-cars that get life-sized reproductions using actual Technic pieces. Let’s look forward to what the line comes up with next, no matter how long the wait is.

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