LEGO’s 2021 Rebuild the World Ad “The Damp Knight’s Tale” Shows How Creative Imagination Helps Solve Problems

lego rebuild the world 2021 banner

Back in 2019, LEGO debuted “Rebuild the World,” a brand advertising campaign with a positive message for young builders. It encouraged them to use their imagination, especially when playing with LEGO. The ad’s key commercial demonstrated this by imagining LEGO-built settings and characters as if happening in the “real world.” How well that message is carried out depends on the viewer. The first one (2019) involves a hunter chasing a rabbit through a wacky cityscape. The 2020 edition saw kids making fantastical builds while an AT-AT stomps in the background. How does this year’s “Rebuild the World” brand commercial compare?

Why don’t we take a look up there? The 2021 LEGO Rebuild the World slogan is “Creativity can help us overcome anything!” This is ably demonstrated in the commercial called “The Damp Knight’s Tale” It shows a knight in full armor attempting to cross a river. People from the nearby town at the riverbank provide different means for him to get across. A rowboat? Jetpack? Giant slingshot? Nope, the knight’s too heavy. Then the townspeople literally take apart their town to build a bridge for the knight. Cue massive zoom-out to reveal that the anachronistic, fantastic setting was just kids at play with their LEGOs.

Now that’s yet another cute and heartwarming example of using creativity as visualized in LEGO. Where its predecessors focused on the fun, Rebuild the World 2021 emphasizes how creativity and imagination can help find solutions to problems. While the ad’s problem is getting the knight across that river, the imaginative approach the children used can be applied elsewhere. Stuff like this makes us believe “Rebuild the World” is one of LEGO’s best brand campaigns yet. Oh, and have fun figuring out which LEGO sets made cameos in the ad, even in background.

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