LEGO Ideas 10-K Member Galaxy333 Gets Terrariums Set Into Third 2021 Review Stage

ideas galaxy333 terrariums

With the LEGO Ideas Second 2021 Review Stage already in deliberation, it’s time to fill up the Third Stage. Ralf Ranghaal’s innovative “Land Ahoy” build was the first 10-K product idea to enter this new batch. Now, a second submission has gained the requisite number of support on the LEGO Ideas page. This one’s another decoration-oriented set, with call-backs to Ideas product Ship in a Bottle (21313) from 2018. Instead of a seagoing vessel, this idea has LEGO plant elements instead, and there is more than one bottle involved. How does a LEGO terrarium sound?

ideas galaxy333 terrariums 2

This is the latest brainstorm by LEGO Ideas 10-K Club member Galaxy333. A terrarium is a glass container with soil and growing plants. The most famous type is the sealed terrarium. Here, enclosed plants thrive because the closed environment interacts with sunlight and watered soil to create a mini-water cycle.

ideas galaxy333 terrariums 4

Galaxy33 utilizes uncommon LEGO elements for his product idea. It’s full of transparent pieces, brown pieces to assemble the lids, plant pieces and brown-colored studs for “soil.” Up to four kinds of bottle terrariums can be built. Their contents can range from green leafy plants to various types of mushroom.

ideas galaxy333 terrariums 3

At roughly 2,000 pieces, these LEGO Terrariums make for a set with plentiful building elements and potential. Like Galaxy333 suggests, the completed builds can make for a zero-maintenance alternative to real plants for indoors. One must wonder how many of the 10-K supporters for this submission on LEGO Ideas got green thumbs. In any case, the Terrariums are joining Land Ahoy in the Third 2021 Review Stage. This phase will accept entries that gain 10-K support until January 10, 2022. The Second 2021 Review Stage ended September 6, with 34 product ideas vying for approval.

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