Rumors of New LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Sets Apparently Due Next Year

2020 LEGO Licensed Sets

Now that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is moving again, screening- and streaming-wise, LEGO’s got some new Marvel sets waiting. At least that’s the rumor according to The Brick Fan, after they noticed more listings on The German LEGO price comparison site apparently has listed at least nine Marvel-themed items arriving in 2022. They have some (semi-descripitive) names, but not all of these are even MCU tie-ins. Three of these have “Classic” in their name. It’s possible they may depict Marvel characters outside of their MCU portrayals. But we’ve talked long enough. Here are those LEGO Marvel sets Brickmerge mentions:

  • Spider-Man’s Techno Trike (10781) – €9.99/$11.71
  • Hulks and Rhinos Truck Duel (10782) – €19.99/$23.43
  • Spider-Man in Doc Ock’s Laboratory (10783) – €29.99/$36.15
  • Spider-Man’s Headquarters (10784) – €49.99/$58.59
  • Marvel Avengers Classic (Set A?) (76202) – €9.99/$11.71
  • Marvel Avengers Classic (Set B?) (76203) – €9.99/$11.71
  • Marvel Spider-Man (76204) – €9.99/$11.71
  • Marvel New Theatrical (MCU?) (76205) – €29.99/$36.15
  • Marvel Avengers Classic (Set C?) (76206) – €39.99/$11.71

All suggested retail prices in dollars are direct conversions.

There are also six “LEGO Super Hero” sets listed on Brickmerge’s database without descriptor names. We’ve decided not to include them in case the Super Hero characters they depict are from DC. The three Marvel Avengers “Classic” sets above are very interesting in their labeling. One should see distinct differences in how Marvel Super Heroes look between their iconic comic-book and MCU selves. We can’t help but wonder what they’ll be like. But we digress. Even when listed in Brickmerge, we must treat these set numbers as rumors until LEGO confirms/debunks them.

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