Netflix-Produced LEGO House Documentary Now Viewable Free on YouTube


LEGO House, opened in Billund, Denmark in 2017, is the ultimate experience venue for fans of the LEGO brand. It’s a museum, events place, activity center and even occasional Airbnb destination. LEGO brick-heads never fail to be astounded by it. In 2018 the streaming giant Netflix made a documentary on the appropriately-called Home of the Brick. In almost an hour of runtime, the program delves into the history of LEGO House. Unfortunately for most interested viewers the documentary has been accessible only to Netflix subscribers. This week however, LEGO prevailed on Netflix to make this special available to all audiences.

According to Brick Fanatics, the “LEGO House Documentary” can finally be seen free on YouTube. As of September 20 the special is now hosted on the official LEGO House YouTube channel. In 47 minutes viewers may learn the conception of the Home of the Brick and its challenges in construction. Featured interviews include the key members of the LEGO House project. Even Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen has his own piece to say about the genesis of the Home of the Brick. The third-generation majority-owner of The LEGO Group was one of the project’s guiding hands after all.

LEGO might have sound reason for making the Netflix documentary open to all. The actual LEGO House itself closed down in the recent past due to the pandemic. They have only recently begun attempts at normalizing the events schedule again. LEGO House Fan Day, the first after the appearance of COVID, happened Thursday, September 23. The former streaming-exclusive documentary could help drum up renewed attention to the Home of the Brick. Perhaps as the pandemic comes more under control a new wave of guests could check out LEGO House. Until then, the documentary is up for all those curious.

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