Mega Construx Series 3 Minifigures for “Halo Infinite” Now Available in The Brick Show Shop

Microsoft Xbox game franchise “Halo” and Mega Brands’ Mega Construx have been a marketing match made in heaven. With the former’s latest installment coming December, tie-in Mega Construx products have arrived early. This year saw the release of several “Halo Infinite” Mega Construx Series 3 microfigures. And it just so happens that our Brick Show Shop has eight of them listed for “Halo” figure collectors. All come from the Mega Construx Series 3 microfigure mystery packs, and not a one costs over $10 too. The catch: we’ve got limited units in stock! So take a gander at our offerings below:

The Brick Show Shop guarantees all items are new. Check out our collection right now, before they all run out! “Halo Infinite,” from 343 Industries and Xbox Game Studios, releases on December 8. Catch the game on Windows, Xbox One and the Xbox Series X/S.

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