“LEGO Star Wars Battles” Relaunched on Apple Arcade

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This past weekend saw LEGO, WB Games and Lucasfilm Games give a mobile game its greatest second chance. The original Android/iOS debut of “LEGO Star Wars Battles” in 2020 wasn’t so hot, closing only months ago. Its publishers however believe the mobile game app had potential. So last month they announced its revival for the subscription-based Apple Arcade platform. And this past Friday, September 24, “LEGO Star Wars Battles” went live anew in its new home. To commemorate the occasion and drum up interest with Apple Arcade subscribers, WB Games revealed a short launch trailer.

The half-minute “LEGO Star Wars Battles” trailer calls on “Star Wars” and mobile RTS fans to “Build, Battle and Repeat” once more. One-one-one multiplayer sees the struggle between the Dark and Light Sides from various “Star Wars” media. Players can collect troops and named characters from the “Star Wars” films, “Clone Wars” series and spinoffs like “Rogue One.”

Choose a planetary battlefield from the “Star Wars” Galaxy and deploy your forces. Construct LEGO-brick structures, defenses and combat vehicles as you command your army to victory. Whether it’s the beaches of Scarif, the ice-fields of Hoth or the Ewok forests of Endor, battle is always waiting.

Check out “LEGO Star Wars Battles,” available now on Apple Arcade for a $4.99 monthly subscription. A one-month free trial is also an option. Apple Arcade is open on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. For more info and discussion, you may visit “LEGO Star Wars Games” social media at Facebook and Twitter .

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