Four Rumored Upcoming LEGO Harry Potter Sets for January 2022, Among them Two New Hogwarts Moments

combined lego hp hogwarts moments

LEGO Harry Potter’s 20th anniversary is such a momentous event for LEGO that its celebration could span a year itself. This 2021 alone saw the release of many impressive sets and extras from the line yet. And from the look of things, there is still more LEGO Harry Potter stuff to come whether in this year, or the next. For instance, got word of a possible four more upcoming LEGO HP sets due in 2022. Two of them are new additions to the Hogwarts Moment sub-line. That means Potter-fan collectors could assemble a nice shelf-full of LEGO Harry Potter book/play-sets in no time.

The four rumored LEGO sets Promobricks discovered are Hogwarts Moment: Divination Class (75396), Hogwarts Moment: Defense Against the Dark Arts Class (75397), Hospital Wing (75398) and Hogwarts Suitcase (75399). The first two will apparently be of the same book-shaped play-set as the previous Hogwarts Moments. Set 75396 depicts one of Harry Potter’s least favorite classes as taught by Professor Trelawney. Set 75397 is of course the Voldemort-cursed Hogwarts subject, staffed mostly by incompetents and the secretly-malicious, with rare exceptions.

As for the two non-Hogwarts Moment sets, Hospital Wing (75398) appears to be another Hogwarts set-piece. Similar to Hogsmeade Village (76388), Chamber of Secrets (76389) and others, 75398 takes a castle location and expands it. And the Hogwarts hospital is famous for having Harry as a near-regular patient. The last rumored set is Hogwarts Suitcase (76399), replicating a Hogwarts student’s suitcase in brick form. Apparently this set is customizable in appearance to reflect different owners’ Houses, and has a working lock-and-key mechanism. These rumored sets are coming on New Year’s Day 2022, supposedly.

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