LEGO Ideas Sonic Mania – Green Hill Zone Set Rumored to Come Out Next Year, with Some Changes

Sonic Mania

Just because a LEGO Ideas proposal got 10,000 supporters and passed a review stage for production, it doesn’t mean we will be seeing the fruits of that labor soon. LEGO Ideas member toastergrl first proposed her “Sonic the Hedgehog” set in early 2019. It gained 10-K support a year later and went into review. Then this February 2021 LEGO approved it as a new Ideas set. It’s now September 2021 and “Sonic Mania: Green Hill Zone” hasn’t made any further news. When is it coming out then? For now we only have some rumors according to The Brick Fan.

Details about the LEGO Ideas set themed after videogame icon “Sonic the Hedgehog” surfaced in Europe recently. First is the set name, 21331. Next is the possible retail price of 69.99 Euros, or $83.08 in exact conversion. Third is the expected release date, or dates. LEGO Ideas Sonic Mania – Green Hill Zone (21331) will be released either January 1, 2022 or in April. If both dates are valid then the New Year’s Day availability could be for the LEGO VIPs.

As for the set itself, the LEGO Ideas team may have made some alterations to toastergrl’s original design. That is their prerogative when turning an approved proposal into an official set. Apparently they’ve increased the scale of the environment but at the same time made things more “linear.” One feature of the original build was the versatility in connecting the environment pieces. How this will be translated into something linear has yet to be revealed. That is of course if these rumors hold true. Sonic ought to still remain a minifigure while Dr. Robotnik/Eggman and hench-bot Crabmeat are still brick-built. We really could use official word from LEGO about this. Chalk this one up for another speculation to verify later on.

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