New LEGO Ideas Activity: Get Your Builds and Minifigs Wet for “Toy Photography in the Rain”


Well, one recently-finished LEGO Ideas Activity got the highlight during National Video Games Day earlier this week. Now it’s time for another challenge from the Ideas web page to take center stage. While the rainy season has been on for a while now in many countries, this is the latest Activity’s theme. As the challenge blurb puts it, “bad” weather doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. What better way to demonstrate it perhaps than to show LEGO builds and minifigures in the rain? It would take some nifty camera work (or digital effects), but the visuals should be startling.

So here’s the gist of the latest LEGO Ideas Activity: “Toy Photography in the Rain.” The rules of the challenge interpret rain photography in two ways. First is the obvious: seeing LEGO toys/vehicles/minifigs outdoors in rainy weather. The alternative is to shoot photos indoors, but having an outdoor view of visible rain. Ideas members answering the challenge can either show their minifigure-characters in rain-gear braving the elements, or having fun in shelter while watching it pour. This Activity lasts for seven days and will culminate Tuesday next week, September 21.

Activity Rules

LEGO Ideas as always have laid down some rules for the challenge, albeit a bit more forgiving. While normally they insist on the use of non-licensed-IP LEGO pieces and minifigs, they might be allowable here. So Ideas members can choose to put Owen Grady and his “Jurassic World” companions under the weather. However, LEGO might not be able to share such builds on social media afterwards. That explains why the “Pong” and “Tetris” –inspired builds from “Love of Gaming” didn’t get tweeted. And of course, the depiction must stay wholesome and all-ages. As stated, the only “prize” for participation is a chance for social media exposure. But surely you’d have fun making your rainy-day LEGO build all the same, right?

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