LEGO Vidiyo Bandmates Series 2 (43108) Might Only Appear in Branded LEGO Stores

At the start of 2021 LEGO launched a new interactive product experience for kids: LEGO Vidiyo. Jumping on the music video-sharing trend spearheaded by TikTok, LEGO developed a child-safe alternative. Combining a mobile app with unique sets and minifigures featuring scan-able components, Vidiyo promised MV-making fun with AR-SFX aplenty. Too bad the theme floundered with kids so much that LEGO put Vidiyo on hiatus. At least the first-wave sets have until 2022 before retiring. One product however, the Bandmates minifigure series (43108) got left in a sort of limbo, with no confirmation on when it’ll hit shelves. Some sobering confirmation comes to us from overseas. has it that the unfortunate Series 2 of LEGO Vidiyo Bandmates (43108) might not become available at retailers. This comes after some dealers revealed that LEGO has cancelled retail preorders of this minifigure set. They originally planned to release 43108 by July. When LEGO announced their intent to shelve the Vidiyo line for revamps until 2023, they at least assured the Bandmates minifigs will arrive in October. Come the first of the month, no Vidiyo Bandmates series 2 (43108). Even LEGO Shop@Home lists it still as “Coming Soon.” Maybe it got cancelled after all?

LEGO Vidiyo Bandmates Series 2

In Stores Only

While there may still be a chance that Vidiyo Bandmates (43108) may become available on Shop@Home, retailers are out. As Stonewars tells it, only Branded LEGO Stores could end up carrying the series. If things get worse, perhaps it won’t even be all LEGO Stores. Vidiyo had such potential too. Now, even its supposedly newest product release may not even come out.

Each Vidiyo Bandmate pack costs $4.99 and contains one minifigure with three “Beatbit” printed tiles. The Vidiyo app can scan Beatbits to unlock new AR visual effects for video recording. Series 2 (43108) boasts 12 bandmate minifigs and a total 36 Beatbit tiles.

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  1. These better come out. The robot and classic horror bands desperately need the bandmates included in this series to be complete.

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