LEGO Vidiyo Music Video Maker Officially Revealed

LEGO Vidiyo

LEGO has finally unveiled its next augmented reality (AR) inspired theme in the form of the new LEGO Vidiyo. First teased on LEGO’s H1 2021 catalog, this new way of combining physical LEGO elements with top-notch AR tech allows children and other budding LEGO enthusiasts to create their own music video from a wide array of music from Universal Music Group. Watch this video to have a better grasp of what to expect from LEGO Vidiyo.  You may also read LEGO’s full press release right here.

LEGO Vidiyo

Similar to what LEGO offered with its AR-powered LEGO Hidden Side, LEGO Vidiyo helps children spur their creativity by letting them direct, produce and star in their own music videos through the help of special scannable LEGO pieces. The steps are pretty straightforward:

Choose one of the many songs in the App from a broad variety of established artists – both contemporary chart toppers and instantly recognisable classics.

Create your band from a vibrant collection of new, physical minifigures, which can be customised and brought to life in different scales through AR technology in the VIDIYO App.

Line up special effects in the form of ‘BeatBits’ and place them on the scanning stage. BeatBits are decorated 2×2 square LEGO elements, which once scanned unlock digital effects that let you control everything from video and music styles to scene effects. Creators can see their vision realised by choosing anything from black and white bling effects, to confetti showers and even X-ray vision. They can also add audio effects such as DJ scratching, mouse voice or sax solo, as well as fun signature character moves and gimmicks, from breakdancing to surfing on a shark…

Set the stage. From parks to bedrooms and backyards to brick-built models, LEGO VIDIYO music videos can live anywhere. In just three seconds, your location is scanned and production countdown starts.

Hitting the selected BeatBits in the App, children then take creative control of their own music video production, triggering dance moves and audio/video effects in an amazing 60 second performance, which can be trimmed down to 5, 10, 15 or 20 second shareable clips.

Clips can then be uploaded to the App feed, but only once the content has passed moderation. Any content featuring personally-identifiable information, such as children starring in the video, will not be approved for App feed upload, but can be stored locally in-App, to be enjoyed in-person with friends or family members.

If you’re a fan of the now-discontinued LEGO Nexo Knights theme, the use of special 2×2 decorative tiles dubbed as BeatBits in LEGO Vidiyo sounds very much the same as those scannable shields that come with each LEGO Nexo Knights sets. Though the former’s use is to enhance the video game experience by giving power-ups and special character abilities, the use of the BeatBits tiles in LEGO Vidiyo unlocks various special video and audio effects that you can use to spice up your own music video. Plus it seems that the theme itself will come with their own set of new-for-2021 minifigures. I’m not sure if the accompanying app will allow you to digitally animate your own choice of minifig from your existing collection, but from the looks of it, it is most likely limited to what the app will offer. In my opinion, it will be nice if LEGO will also expand its LEGO Vidiyo in-app options to include its extensive library of non-licensed collectible minifigures and other well-known characters. I’ll certainly have a blast if I can dance along with Banana Guy from CMF Series  16 and Mr. Gold from CMF Series 10!

Character and BeatBits

BeatBits overview2 BeatBits row

lego vidiyo other characters


LEGO Shop@Home has now updated its site to include an About page for LEGO Vidiyo, with a launch date of March 1st. Brickset has also listed  15 upcoming sets (or collectible minifigs perhaps?) under this theme, so it’s kind of exciting to see what LEGO has in store on this one. My best guess is that the minifigures included in LEGO Vidiyo’s latest promotional video and still images will be included in future sets as well. Some of them were somewhat indirectly revealed already. I’ll keep you posted once these new LEGO Vidiyo sets are officially revealed.

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