Netflix’s LEGO-Form “Seinfeld” Promo: Teaser of Mini-Build, or Just Another Joke?

Seinfeld Coming To Netflix Now in Lego Form Full Promo 1 24 screenshot

Iconic NCB sitcom “Seinfeld” (1989-99) started streaming on Netflix this past Friday, October 1. Earlier in August, LEGO released its Ideas Seinfeld set (21328) celebrating the series’ 30th anniversary (2019). This was a perfect storm of promotional potential that Netflix used for their “Seinfeld” ad. Released in October 2, it supposedly plugged a new “Seinfeld” series in a LEGO-fied setting. If seeing Jerry Seinfeld in a life-sized minifigure costume didn’t make you laugh, nothing “Seinfeld” will. Towards the end, the video even shilled the LEGO Ideas set…and something else that has fans and collectors curious.

The Brick Fan gives us the lowdown on that Easter egg in Netflix’s Seinfeld LEGO promo. Long story short, towards the end when the LEGO Ideas Seinfeld (21328) was shown, a mini build slides into view (above). Technical similarities can be found with the detached standup stage for Jerry that’s officially part of the set. The difference: it instead depicts the dental office of Tim Whatley, a guest character played by Bryan Cranston. Cranston actually joins Seinfeld himself in the Netflix promo, playing the hammy voiceover appearing in the insets. But a question arises in everyone’s mind: is the Whatley office build a joke? Or does LEGO have more “Seinfeld” coming?

Other than this video, there are no leaks or rumors of another LEGO “Seinfeld” product. Fans of the sitcom might not mind if this was just a red herring. But with the Ideas Seinfeld (21328) getting 5-star customer reviews on Shop@Home, more would be welcome.

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