“LEGO Star Wars Castaways” Announced for Apple Arcade this November

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When it comes to adapting the LEGO Star Wars theme into gaming, one can expect plenty of possible genres. Always to the forefront would be the adventure-driven videogames developed by TT Games and published by WB Interactive. Fans have also gotten quirky titles like the RTS/defense-oriented “LEGO Star Wars Battles”. This particular title launched recently on Apple Arcade after a rough start as a standalone mobile app. Now, Apple Arcade is gearing up to introduce a new LEGO Star Wars game. How do you feel about “LEGO Star Wars” meets reality show “Survivor” minus the shifting alliances and cutthroat interactions?

lego star wars castaways gameplay customize

That seems to be the promise of “LEGO Star Wars Castaways,” another addition to Apple Arcade. StarWars.com tells us that this Gamesloft title will see players as people from all over the “Star Wars” Galaxy, stranded on a mysterious planet. They can customize their minifigure avatar and interact with fellow “castaway” players in various activities.

lego star wars castaways gameplay interact

Fancy a dance party or a buildable Microfighter race? Cool! Castaways can also explore the planet, unlocking secrets of an ancient civilization with ties to the “Star Wars” mythos. What mysteries about the Galaxy does this planet hide?

lego star wars castaways gameplay race

“LEGO Star Wars Castaways” will go live exclusively on Apple Arcade next month, November 19. Players must have an active Apple Arcade account and pay a $4.99 monthly subscription. They do have the option of a 1-month free trial. Apple Arcade is available on iPhone, iPad, iMac, and Apple TV.

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