Real FMX Stunt Team Copies LEGO City Stuntz (Custom-Built) Jumps

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Ever since the LEGO City Stuntz bike sets debuted in the middle of 2021, they apparently fired players’ imaginations. After all, this City sub-theme encouraged custom builds of stunt courses that the brick-built vehicles, especially bikes, can traverse. Thanks to their fly-wheel assembly enabling them to maintain hand-pushed acceleration, those stunt-bikes can theoretically clear those brick-built jumps. To further promote the sets, LEGO engaged the services of a freestyle motocross (FMX) team. The Bold Dogs FMX thus stars in this new promotional video from LEGO, interpreting the City Stuntz…well, stunts.

As shown in the vid (shared courtesy of Brick Fanatics), the Bold Dogs take on some custom-build submissions using the LEGO City Stuntz sets. Jumping an ice-cream truck while shooting a ball at the standing hoop on top? It took a few tries, but they did it. Clearing both the ring of fire from Stunt Competition (60299) and a City Fire Truck? The Bold Dogs send two of their riders to replicate it IRL.

Their third stunt copy: a multi-vehicle jump including a truck like in Stunt Show Truck (60294). Again the riders gamely duplicate the brick-built stunt, including a forklift carrying a (prop) shark. The last stunt duplication is a four-bike jump over a helicopter and light plane; easy.

One can’t help but think the timing of this LEGO City Stuntz sets promo is somewhat deliberate. For the Americas, LEGO pulled at least four sets from store shelves and Shop@Home due to “product quality issues.” Then again, the Bold Dogs FMX is a UK-based team and that market along with Europe suffered no pullout. Who can tell? Hopefully LEGO manages to fix the Americas-only problem soon, since these stunt sets really are quite awesome.

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