LEGO Ideas: James Webb Space Telescope Gets 10-K Support

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The LEGO Ideas Third 2021 Review Stage is filling out quite nicely with its product ideas. These submissions run the gamut from fantasy to reality, “natural” to artificial and now retro-mechanical to modern cutting-edge. If a fictional military robot given sentience isn’t your cup of high-tech tea, perhaps you’d like real science? Ideas member tonysmyuncle only has one contribution at present. Its technological nature seems to imply which “tony” he’s referring to in his username. This product idea depicts a real scientific instrument going to space less than two months from now. Say hello to the James Webb Space Telescope.

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Designed as a potential replacement to the aging Hubble Space Telescope, the JWST suffered developmental setbacks of its own. But if nothing new will hamper it, we can expect NASA to launch this space telescope on December 18. And as if to coincide with that event, tonysmyuncle’s build of the JWST just hit 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas. Looking like a flat mini-“Star Wars” ship topped with a mirror array, the JWST features 18 movable segments. It can fold down into a stored form for “loading” in a rocket. The brick-built satellite matches the scale with its included astronaut minifigure.

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The JWST becomes entry number 11 in the ongoing Third 2021 Review Stage. We at The Brick Show continue to be amazed at the fast 10-K entry of product ideas in these. Who knows; maybe they’ll even match the milestone 50+ submissions to the First 2021 Review Stage. Anything’s possible.

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