LEGO Sponsoring UEFA Women’s EURO 2022

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Let’s look at the themes LEGO has been dabbling in, from last year to this one. First, they appear to be really delving into real-world football/soccer, judging from their recent Creator Expert sets. The Old Trafford (10272) in 2020 and Camp Nou (10284) this year are interesting. That’s more so with the rumors of a set for Real Madrid’s home stadium next year. Second, LEGO’s been putting their gender inclusivity initiatives to high gear. Remember the “Get the World Ready for Girls” sub-slogan for “Rebuild the World”? Anyway, it looks like LEGO’s latest move combines these two themes at once.

According to The Brick Fan, LEGO just announced itself as an official sponsor for the UEFA Women’s EURO Championship. Originally slated for this year, COVID pandemic troubles pushed this women’s football tournament for 2022. England from July 6 to 31 will play host to 16 European women’s teams duking it out. And LEGO is acting as national sponsor, in line with their “Ready for Girls” campaign under “Rebuild the World.” We can thus expect some initiatives to be launched by LEGO in line with this major sporting event. However, they won’t tell us more about it until sometime next year.

We don’t know yet exactly what LEGO has in mind to celebrate sponsoring the UEFA Women’s EURO 2022. At least LEGO is giving us this neat promotional vid, released ahead of the Final tournament draw this Thursday. Putting together LEGO building, football, and girls? It’s an interesting combination at least.

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