ChrisOrchard’s Clockwork Solar System Becomes Sixth 10-K Set for LEGO Ideas Third 2021 Review Stage

chrisorchard clockwork solar system

Okay, we just got done with our feature on that sweet LEGO Ideas contest with a prize Fender Stratocaster. Lo and behold, it turns out a new product idea also gained the necessary 10,000 supporters very recently. As you know from our past updates, the Third 2021 Review Stage is filling up rather nicely. The latest batch consists of a wide variety of subjects, from originals to licensed IPs. One of these submissions, the very first actually, boasts a nifty mechanical feature. This new entry from ChrisOrchard however plans to blow Land Ahoy out of the water in mechanical complexity.

Submitted for consideration and supported by 10-K LEGO Ideas members: The Clockwork Solar System by ChrisOrchard. If you think the product idea is a brick-built retro device then you’re spot on. ChrisOrchard patterned his submission on orreries, mechanical scale representations of the sun and planets revolving around it. They have been built as early as the 14th Century (actually ancient times, if considering the “geocentric” models). This product idea got based on a model system circa the 1700s and took ChrisOrchard about 15 months to complete. With less than 3000 pieces this build accurately replicates the planets’ scale orbit speeds.

For an in-depth explanation check out ChrisOrcard’s video for his Clockwork Solar System on his Waller Customs YouTube channel. And when he says clockwork he means clockwork. The base contains a motor and battery box to drive the planets on their orbits. ChrisOrchard also suggests open space of at least 30 inches to allow full rotation without hitting any obstacles.

Clockwork Solar System joins LEGO Ideas Third 2021 Review Stage as the sixth set entry.

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