More Rumors About the Still-Unrevealed LEGO Titanic Set (10294)

lego 10294 titanic 20210929

It’s coming close to a week since details on the huge LEGO Titanic set (10294) got leaked. Said information consisted of a box image photo and build specifications. We got some pertinent details: 9,090 pieces total; the ability to take apart the structure into several sections to show the interior; and finally, not being a licensed set. Incredibly, LEGO still remains silent on their open-secret Titanic (10294), hinting at a possibly distant release date. Perhaps to placate collectors itching to know more, additional rumors surfaced about the LEGO Titanic. Like the original underwater wreckage discovery, new details make themselves known.

We now know these rumors courtesy of German LEGO news source, which also covered last week’s leak. First new info: the model’s size. The LEGO Creator Expert Titanic (10294) spans 135 cm long and stands 44 cm tall. We’re looking at a supposedly exact 1:200 scale size to the actual doomed passenger liner. Next – as can be discerned from the box image – the build uses printed foil pieces for the flags with no stickers. The set apparently also recycles elements from a LEGO Ideas set: Typewriter (21327). The letters for “Titanic” on the model’s nameplate use the same font and size as the Typewriter’s keypads, according to the rumor.

As for the set being capable of separating into segments, the divisions probably number three. You might notice the faint seams running between Titanic’s chimney 1 and 2, and between 3 and 4. Supposedly the interior details copy the layout as closely as possible, with identifiable bathrooms, cabins, salons and pools. In addition, the steam engines have mechanical action; manually turning a gear makes the pistons and propellers move. If that doesn’t blow your minds about the LEGO Titanic (10294), then nothing will. Come on, LEGO. Reveal this already.

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