LEGO Puts Up Official Designer Video for Queer Eye – Fab 5 Loft (10291)…Or Part of It

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We’re coming close to a full month now since the LEGO Queer Eye – Fab 5 Loft (10291) was introduced. It became available alongside many other sought-after LEGO sets this past October 1. Did we miss anything else with LEGO’s usual promotion practices for key set releases? Yes we did. There’s the official designer video bit.

Here’s The Brick Fan with the scoop on the LEGO Queer Eye – Fab 5 Loft (10291) set designer video. LEGO VP for Design Matthew Ashton plays host for this special look on the set inspired by the Netflix show. Collectors and “Queer Eye” fans know, where this set is concerned, that the designers collaborated closely with the production.

Ashton indeed goes into some detail of that cooperation to get this awesome LEGO set right. Unfortunately LEGO may have had uploading troubles with the vid because it’s incomplete. The footage only runs for three minutes and terminates in mid-speech by Ashton.

Let’s hope LEGO notices and fixes the designer video soon. LEGO Queer Eye – Fab 5 Loft (10291) costs $99.99 and remains available with stock on Shop@Home. The set presents a nicely compressed look at the “headquarters” of the “Queer Eye” makeover team, the Fab 5. Some past reviews pointed out a discrepancy between the building instructions and the set’s box art. Nope, we don’t recommend pulling out the minifigure C-hands from the included alternate torsos/shirts. You’ll just ruin the connections.

ADDENDUM: By the time this feature was posted LEGO took down the  10291 designer video. We’ll keep an eye out if the vid is replaced and put up the new one when it’s there.

NEW ADDENDUM: LEGO reuploaded the video.

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