“No Time to Die” 007 Film Release Could See Renewed Interest in Aston Martin DB5 (10262) Before Its Retirement

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Last September 30 saw the UK release of “No Time to Die”: the 25th “James Bond” movie. It was also the fifth and final installment starring actor Daniel Craig. At risk of spoilers, let’s say this film was an ending in more ways than one. And we’re not just talking about Craig’s Bond retiring from duty while a female agent inherits his 007 designation. Now rewind to three years ago, when LEGO released the Creator Expert Aston Martin DB5 (10262). The quintessential 007 vehicle debuted in 1964’s “Goldfinger” during the Sean Connery Days. Craig himself first used it in his third film, “Skyfall” in 2015.

And just as “No Time to Die” became Daniel Craig’s Bond swan song, so is his LEGO DB5 retiring. Brick Fanatics notes that the Creator Expert Aston Martin set (10262) will be retired at the end of 2021. One might see this as a case of the stars aligning or such. The LEGO Aston Martin DB5’s leaving shelves and Shop@Home months after its real-life counterpart’s latest film appearance? It can only be fate. Collectors and “James Bond” fans might soon swarm over any stock of the set out there. The new movie’s also helping LEGO Aston Martin (10262) regain attention.

“No Time to Die” already premiered in the UK. The North American release follows on October 8. LEGO Creator Expert Aston Martin DB5 (10262) still costs $149.99 on LEGO Shop@Home. We recommend to you get one now, before it retires at the end of 2021. Check out this trailer of “No Time to Die” for a shot of the Bond-use DB5 in action, if you need more incentive to buy.

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