New Activity on LEGO Ideas: Brightly-Lit LEGO Star Wars Builds on “Galaxy of Lights”

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After covering several 10-K product ideas and featuring a contest or activity, surfing LEGO Ideas is routine now. Only one day remains in the LEGO Harry Potter 20th Anniversary contest. In the no-prize-but-online-showcase activities page, the “Toy Photography in Rain” got 38 entries.

Speaking of activities, LEGO Ideas put up something new quite recently. And there’s something different with this one. Where past activities discouraged the used of licensed IPs in submitted builds, this one encourages it. In fact, the activity pushes a particularly popular IP for LEGO: “Star Wars.”

For the LEGO Ideas Activity “Galaxy of Lights,” the LEGO Star Wars theme is at center stage. What the Ideas crew is looking for this time are LEGO Star Wars-themed dioramas with integrated lighting. Members interested in participating need only build anything “Star Wars”-related and then light them up. How do they do that? Builders have their own discretion.

Christmas lights, flashlights, LEGO-compatible lighting accessories: just light the set brightly and you meet the objective. With a “bright” theme like the space operatic “Star Wars,” this activity should be cake. Do note that this activity lasts only for a week, ending next Tuesday, October 12. As before, the only prizes the participants get in a LEGO Ideas activity is possibly being featured on social media.

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