Possible LEGO Ninjago Comic from Skybound Entertainment?

skybound lego banner

The usual media adaptations for toy brand franchises nowadays tend to be TV series or maybe movies. But sometimes they go for more traditional avenues in print media. LEGO is a notable example, with their multitude of picture books courtesy of publishers like D-K. Then they have also made inroads with comic books. In fact, there are hints towards a new partnership between LEGO and Skybound Entertainment. Now you might be wondering, “The company that handles ‘The Walking Dead’ is doing a LEGO comic?” That seems to be true, if a tweet from a LEGO animated series show-runner is indication.

Brick Fanatic brings us this interesting Twitter post courtesy of Tommy Andreasen, co-creator of LEGO’s “Ninjago” animated series. Andreasen shared the announcement of Skybound Entertainment for their Skybound Xpo, happening this Friday, October 29. The promotional text explicitly mentions Skybound producing their first LEGO comic-book title. Andreasen will also be part of a panel for the event alongside “Ninjago” Producer, Story and Entertainment Manager Tommy Kalmar. On his tweet text he made mention of “exciting #Ninjago news.” Does this confirm that Skybound’s upcoming LEGO comic book is based on “Ninjago”? I guess we’re waiting for more news this coming weekend.

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