LEGO and DK Bringing “Meet the Minifigures” Book with Rock Star CMF Exclusive Next Year

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Hey, it’s been a while since we did a piece on those many wonderful LEGO books from DK Publishing. Nowadays they might be available online in digital format, but it’s the hardcopy editions that are sought after more. After all, it’s just like LEGO and DK to stick a collectible minifigure in them. If you’re a LEGO bibliophile and enjoy getting their DK-published books, keep an eye out in 2022. There’s another volume chronicling LEGO CMFs coming out then. And true to form, it’s got an exclusive collectible minifig included.

From authors Helen Murray and Julia March, LEGO and DK are introducing “Meet the Minifigures.” It’s a visual-heavy encyclopedia on LEGO collectible minifigs. That means you can expect great trivia, anecdotes, jokes, and play suggestions illustrated by vivid photos across 128 pages. And yes, let’s not forget the included exclusive CMF: Rock Star. Boy, he certainly does look the part: long hair, face-paint, skull shirt, lightning-bolt pants, and microphone stand. While the book isn’t due out until June 14 next year, it’s already available for pre-orders on Amazon. Really, who can say no to another DK book with sweet CMF?

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Check out the Amazon listing blurb below:

Meet the coolest, funniest, and quirkiest LEGO® Minifigures!

Discover fun facts, jokes, and play ideas, and build inspiration from your favorite collectible minifigures.

  • Take on a LEGO speed-building challenge with Race Car Guy.
  • Find out Party Clown’s funniest joke.
  • Build a LEGO underwater creature with Sea Rescuer.
  • Learn a fun real-world fact about the number of pizzas eaten per second from Pizza Costume Guy.

And much more!

Comes with an exclusive collectible LEGO Minifigure.

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