New LEGO Ideas 10-K Passer: Bonefoot’s Moominhouse

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The newest LEGO Ideas product idea with 10,000 supporters and join the Third 2021 Review Stage has quite the story. Flash back to 1945. As World War II was coming to an end, Finnish author Tove Jansson published a book. It and the next eight novels (plus five picture books) starred an unusual family. They trolls, called Moomins, all lived in a tall, round and blue house with a red cone roof.

Their adventures became popular in Europe and, quite singularly, in Japan. Why else with Japanese anime studios make multiple series about them? This product idea’s creator even has an alternative Japanese-language set description.

moominhouse 4

Ideas member Bonefoot loves the Moomins. One can tell from his Moomin page avatar. And as can be implied from above, this contribution is a LEGO Moominhouse. The modular three-story round blue-red structure can be separated by floors. That gives access to the meticulously detailed interior.

moominhouse 1

moominhouse 3

Fans who have read the Moomin books (or Japanese anime viewers) will find the inside somewhat nostalgic. The Ideas Moominhouse comes across as a formidable set candidate, perhaps lacking only figures of the adorable-looking Moomin family. This is the 16th entry to the LEGO Ideas Third 2021 Review Stage.

moominhouse 2

Other 10-K sets in the Third 2021 Review Stage (of similar structure build) includes:

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