LEGO Ideas Ninjago 1-Button Game Contest to Reveal Entry Showcase for Crowd Vote

lego unity microgame banner

On the last day of September, LEGO Ideas launched a contest in collaboration with the Unity game engine. While primarily themed for Ninjago, the contest encouraged submissions of any 1-button-control microgame using the Unity engine. LEGO Ideas promised some sweet prize sets for the winners, including the late addition of actual Ninjago products. The “Ninjago 1-Button Game Challenge” idea intake ended this past November 4. Expert review of the microgame submissions ended today, November 18. And on this day, the voting phase for this rather technical contest finally kicks off.

LEGO Ideas and Unity plan to present a full showcase of the entries for the Ninjago microgame contest tomorrow. But already you can check out the submissions on the Ideas contest page to prepare for the crowd vote. This phase will last until November 25, with the official winners to be announced next month, December 2. Aside from the LEGO sets and Unity paid subscription/assets, winners will also get some extra fame. That’s because their creations might find themselves loaded on mini arcade cabinets soon to appear on LEGO Stores. Real-world LEGO shoppers worldwide could spend time to play the winners’ 1-button microgame masterworks. Now that just went beyond awesome.

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